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A funny two minute video explaining Canadian "socialism" to Americans :)

Myths About Canada:

Canada has a socialist government
The Canadian socialist party (The NDP), has never formed a government in Canada. In fact, they have never recieved more than 25% of the vote. Canada is about as a middle of the road democracy as you can get. It isnt Canada thats gone left, Its America that has gone screwball right.
Read what former American presidents warned about too much corporate power and "free enterprise".

Canadians arent happy with their health care system
Most canadians are very satisfied, and even proud of their health care system. Read what people who actually live in Canada have to say about it:
Canadians happy with primary health care
80 per cent of Canadians satisfied the health care system

Canadians often wait years for critcal medical procedures
Claims Canadians wait years (or even months) for critical operations is nothing but hogwash propogated by the US health insurance industry. Makes you wonder about the motivation of these people.
2010 longest wait time for surgery
Cancer Services (Radiotherapy) 1.1 weeks
Cardiac Surgery 3.3 weeks
Knee Replacement 15.3 weeks
Hip Replacement 11.6 weeks

Most Canadians pay 50% in annual income taxes
Income taxes for Canadians are lower than many Americans pay. Some examples are posted below with links to calculate taxes for all income levels in all provinces...
Someone living in Ontario and making $40,000/yr pays 24.15%
Someone living in Alberta and making $80,000/yr pays 32%
Someone living in BC and making a million dollars/yr pays 43.70%
Nobody pays over 50%
Federal and provincial tax rates from Revenue Canada
Canadian income tax calculator

The game of basketball was invented in canada
Basketball was created by James Naismith, a Canadian, while working in Springfield, Massachusetts. And while the first game took place in the United States, no less than 10 of the players of the first basketball game where from Quebec. It seems that basketball was part of both countries heritage.
History of Basketball - NBA

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