How to be a teabagger:
First you need a funny hat. Hang some teabags from it and maybe stick some flags on it. You will look really cool. Next view the video "How to Speak Teabag" here. After that, make yourself some funny signs like the ones here. Don't worry about spelling. You don't need to know how to spell to save America from the socialists. Just head for the nearest rally, hold your sign up high and yell stuff like "Keep big government outta my medicare"

Learn to speak Teabag:
One of the most important things about being a teabagger is learning how to yell louder than the socialists who want to destroy America. This video shows you how fight the lamestream media. Wave your signs, Yell out stuff like "Obama is a Nazi", and make yourself heard above the lies and slander of the Obamanites.
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Canadian Socialism Exposed:
In Canada banks and corporations are regulated by the iron fist of big government. The result?... No bank bailouts. No real estate crisis. Elections are publicly funded. (In fact, what Americans call lobbying is considered bribery in Canada.) Unemplyment is at 7.5%, and the Canadian dollar is soaring in value.

You've been warned! This is the godless socialist hell thats in store for people who choose to live in Canada.
Find out more facts about Canada here

Strange Virus Attacks Tea Party Members
Thousands of people attending Tea party rallies have been struck by a mysterious illness that renders them incapable of making simple signs without incredibly stupid spelling errors.
The disease doesnt seem to discriminate between young and old, people of all ages attending these rallies seem to be afflicted with this terrible problem. Conspiracy theorists claim democrates may be sneaking in to rallies and spiking the punch with vodka...
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Boehner and Beck Unveil Plan to Remove Obama
John Boehner and Glenn Beck have come up with a brilliant plan get rid of Obama. They are going to hold their breath until they turn purple and cry like a couple of babies until the president cant stand it anymore and resigns...

Full story and pics here

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